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Ghost is a Swedish Satanic retro pop-rock band that was formed in Linköping in 2006. In 2010, they released a three-track demo followed by a 7-inch vinyl titled "Elizabeth", and later their debut full-length album Opus Eponymous. Their outward appearance and marketing would lead you to believe that they're super scary and evil, but believe me, they're just really corny and satirical.


Ghost performed a cover of Stay by Shakespeare's Sisters, which was later chosen as the ending theme of Insidious; The Red Door with added vocals featuring Patrick Wilson. Ghost is currently on break after their European re-imperatour. Ghost has released their cover EP Phantomime as of 5/19/2023.

the story so far

Our story begins long ago, when the clergy began as a Satan-worshipping cult. Over time, this cult grew, and eventually gathered to choose one man as their leader. Known only as Papa, he begins his unholy bloodline - each unholy son he made would be genetically marked with a white iris on his left eye, symbolising their connection to the dark lord.

Sometime in the 1960's, Papa Emeritus Nihil rises to power. He marries to a sister of sin known as Sister Imperator.

Sister Imperator, insists that the recently crowned and newlywed Nihil spread the message of the church through song. Creating catchy music with touching lyrics was sure to draw in an audience of some kind. Nihil takes up the offer happily, and begins Project Ghost through the help of The Clergy, a branch of high-ranking officials within the Church of Satan.

Nihil is adored by the public Satanist population, and many people come to his shows to enjoy the music. Imperator, on the other hand, had become pregnant with his child; the long-awaited antichrist.

The band is very successful, leading to the Church's popularity rising. Unfortunately, Nihil allows the stardom to get to his head, and ends up in bed with many women who are not his wife. His infidelity displeases Sister Imperator. Though she is pregnant, she divorces him. Despite this spat, Nihil remains in touch with her and continues service as Pope, though must never perform for Project Ghost again.

In the year 2006, Nihil's firstborn son, Primo, is appointed as Papa Emeritus I. Upon request from Sister Imperator, he revives Project Ghost, spreading music through MySpace and small metal gatherings in Sweden. In 2010, Ghost's first album was fully produced and released. They faced copyright issues in America however, and so they released under the name Ghost B.C in the states.

In 2012, he handed the title of Pope to his younger brother, Secondo. Now Papa Emeritus II introduces a new flavor into Ghost. He doesn't take his tasks as seriously as his older brother, sometimes refusing to wear makeup and costume for performances or public appearances.

Releasing their second album (as well as a third later on) in 2013, Sister Imperator only became more pleased with the growth of the Church.

Papa II makes a grand attempt to take over the world and rule it as his own, but fails to do so, and is quietly "fired" by Sister Imperator in 2015.

He is replaced by his half-brother, who is younger by three months. Terzo, now Papa Emeritus III, stirs the pot quite a lot harder than the previous Popes. He ditches the formal Papal regalia for a sleek suit and tight pants, creating a much much more generally appealing appearance. His simplified makeup, cool hair and attractive gyrations was a truly new look for Ghost.

Papa III's wide appeal led to a swarm of fans from all walks of life in the year 2016. Now influencing a new age and making waves, Papa III had a lot of eyes on him, including his father, Nihil. Nihil was very proud of his son for his success, and expressed this to Sister Imperator. She disagreed, claiming Papa III had begun to deny and ignore the orders of The Clergy. Furious, she has Papa III removed from the stage during one of their performances, in the middle of their last song, no less.

In late 2016, because she was without an immediate replacement, Sister Imperator had no choice but to select the most capable person she knew to lead the band - Nihil. Excited to relive his stardom and bring back the darkness that was lost with Papa III's reign, Papa Emeritus Nihil is re-introduced and proudly performs the songs he had written so many years ago. Sister Imperator talks down to him, reminding him not to go too far with his intentions, reminding Nihil of their past together. Nihil's character is explored further in Chapter 1 of Ghost's YouTube cinematics.

Due to Nihil's very different appearance from Papa III, he did not reach a very large audience compared to his sons. Despite his disappointment in himself, he held onto what hope he had and continued his act.

Displeased with their falling popularity, in 2018, Sister Imperator obliged to the wishes of The Clergy and informed Nihil he was to be replaced by none other than Cardinal Copia. Shocked and very unhappy, Nihil expressed his worry that Ghost's new fronman was not of the Emeritus bloodline. Sister Imperator brushed him off, appointing the strangely adorable and socially awkward Copia as Ghost's new lead. (Video series Chapters 2-7 feature Copia as he adjusts to life as Ghost's lead.)

Now with Cardinal Copia front and center, Ghost had a brand new flavor to present. Copia flavor! (May contain bubo juice, do not ingest. If ingested, please contact your loved ones and say your goodbyes.) Copia quickly became popular with Ghost fans, both old and new. He debuted with a much different look, as he was not officially pope, he instead wore a very extensive wardrobe during performances, making him much more eye-catching and interesting to the audience. Thanks to his love for rodents, tricycles, practical jokes and generally relatable anxious personality, he quickly became a fan-favorite.

Despite being booted, Nihil was adamant on remaining a part of the project - begrudgingly, Sister Imperator allowed him to perform sick saxophone solos, but only on one song, Miasma. Each time the song was performed, Nihil would enter stage with cool sunglasses and the sickest moves you've ever seen.

Oh, and upon hiring Copia, Sister Imperator happily kills the first three Papas.

Fed up with Nihil for good, Sister Imperator makes the ultimate decision to formally be rid of the old fart, simultaneously making Copia the new Papa. (Video series Chapter 9 reveals a close-up of Copia's new Papa makeup through a Doom video conference meeting with Sister Imperator.)

In 2022, Ghost was large as it has ever been. Nihil may be dead, but he is often revived just to play his sax solo in Miasma (from Prequelle). He also appears now as an actual ghost, basically tormenting Sister Imperator and Copia even after his death. He is just as senile as he was beforehand, maybe even moreso.

Upon returning from tour, Copia is greeted by Sister Imperator at The Ministry. Despite the fact that Copia is now Pope, she still refers to him as Cardinal. Even though this displeases Copia, he simply has to live with it. He enters his living space, where he is gifted a brand-new tricycle. A new character, Mr. Saltarian is introduced. He manages Ghost's tours, and has arrived for a family dinner. Sister Imperator, ghost Nihil, Mr. Saltarian and Copia all enjoy Chinese takeout together, and they encourage Copia to take up an acting career. (Video series Chapters 10-14 display Copia living a strangely mundane life with these three)

While enjoying his time off from tour, Copia takes to playing video games in his spare time. During one of his intense gaming sessions, he takes notice of Saltarian wheeling around an empty coffin. Sister Imperator informs him that "Jesus is coming."

Meanwhile, a pastor named Father Jim DeFroque is being a hypocritical little fella. Is he important somehow? Probably.

copia shrine


I am literally so obsessed with him you don't understand. I seriously couldn't believe I was attracted to him at first - I just assumed that my type was "brainless golden retriever gymbro," but as it turns out, my type is "awkward sewer rat Antichrist." Check out my favorite Copia fic or a PowerPoint presentation I made

The Papas

Papa Emeritus IV
Papa IV (previously known as Cardinal Copia) is awkward, clumsy, and a bit self-conscious. He's implied to be the illegitimate son of Papa Nihil.

Papa Emeritus III
Papa III, Terzo, is flamboyant and flirtatious - perhaps a bit arrogant, too. Terzo is younger than Secondo by about three months.

Papa Emeritus II
Papa II, Secondo, is a very serious individual. He is business-oriented, and takes himself seriously, but also takes great pride in his party-filled nightlife.

Papa Emeritus I
Papa I, Primo, is the eldest of the Emeritus brothers. Not much is known about him, but compared to the others, he is much more relaxed and mild.

Papa Emeritus 0

Papa Nihil is the father of Papas I-III, and possibly Papa IV. He is very senile and should not be trusted with any kind of responsibilities.