Hey hi !! Long time no see, right ? Just checking in to let you know that I'm working on this site behind the scenes ! I'm still here !!!!!!! I'm not dead !!! Day by day I realize more and more that I don't enjoy living with my parents quite as much as I used to . I'm gonna work hard on getting my license ! No shirking !!!


Hi everypony !! I haven't updated for a minute I'm 18 now (as of Sep 1) which means I can own a house, or pay taxes, or get arrested !! I will only be doing one of those things !! I've been feeling a bit off lately. Maybe I just need to rest. I hope I find the energy to overhaul my site soon.


The concert got rained out :((( Originally, they were going to reschedule for tomorrow, but as of literally one hour ago, they canceled that too. I haven't been this down in a long long time.... I was originally going to write all about what happened while I was there, but I don't have the energy for it anymore. Happy birthday to me, I guess. This sucks. I want to hide.


YAYY I GOT MY LAPTOP ON DAY 1 !!! HELLO EVERYPONY !!!!! I'm happy to be back !!! This year I'm making my site as great as it can be !!! I checked my email last night, and the ticket is legit !!! I get to see my babies !! TOMORROW !!!!!!! WISH ME LUCK !!!! YIPPEE !!!!!!!


Hi everypony ! Just checking in once again. I'm proud to say that, for one, I now have a boyfriend. Yippee !!! On another note, my birthday is this coming Friday. I'll be 18 human years old. It's making me really anxious... I'm not ready. I wish I could hide. As a birthday present, my parents got me a ticket to see Ghost IN TWO DAYS. I'm scared it might not work because we bought it on a 3rd party website. I really hope I can go. I'm so excited... School starts tomorrow, and my mom is going to get me a new laptop, so I'll be able to make a full comeback soon !! That's all !! I love you !! Goodbye for now !!


Helloooooo!!!! I'm not dead !!!! well, I mean, I'm already undead as it is, but you know what I mean !!! I managed to get my meaty little hands on a clunky old laptop in my mom's storage room. It doesn't run well at all, but it suffices for now........ I'm not breaking my hiatus, I'm just checking in. I'm using Opera GX rn, and unfortunately it doesn't make my site look too flattering. Oh well!! I'll troubleshoot later... for now, I'm gonna update my Ghost page and go back on hiatus. See u later !!!!


It's been a little while. I'm currently in the middle of exam week, and it just donned on me that I won't have my school laptop for the whole summer. This blows!! I don't have a personal computer, so this is really the only way I'll be able to update the site... it looks like I'll be on a hiatus over the summer. Course, you can still find me on Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Thanks for checking in! See you around :333


I found Phantomime at Target! Hooray! Now I just need Opus Eponymous, then I'll have all of Ghost's main albums! I also found Draculaura - I just need Cleo and Ghoulia to complete my collection of the main cast of Monster High G3! I had dinner with my dad yesterday, and I'm glad that I did. I rarely get a chance to hang out with him like that, so I'm glad it happened!


Yesterday and the night before were possibly the worst days of my life. I can't say that anything tragic happened, because I actually had quite a lot of fun, but... my dad gave me an edible, which, fine, okay, is a normal thing. It was a new one, though, and he didn't check the dosage. He just sort of assumed he was giving me the right amount, which is also fine, because I trust him.


I ate a 100 MG EDIBLE.

It was so scary, I was in so much pain. Oh my god, I seriously thought I was going to die! I couldn't stop crying and apologizing and throwing up - it was awful. I'm grateful that my dad was able to take care of me, but my little sister was having her friend over last night. I hope my screaming didn't traumatize them. I think I'm doing all right, I skipped school today to recover, actually. I can't help but be a little shocked - I mean, seriously! I thought I was going to die! For real! I kept telling myself that I was dying, or already dead. I had totally come to terms with it. I guess the experience helped me realize just how grateful I am to be here, alive. To whomever is reading this, thank you so much. I love you, and I love myself. I'm never doing that again, haha!

In other news, Ghost did their first live show of this year's tour just yesterday! Two new Ghouls have entered the ring. Check my Ministry page for more information about that!


This week has been a little bit messy. Ghoul isn't talking to me very much, but that's just because they're busy with other stuff! Both Phantomime and Escape the Ministry released today, as well as chapter X of To Catch a Cardinal! Today has been awesome! Tomorrow, I'm going to WNC Comic Con with my friend Josiah!


I'm feeling a bit better lately. Character AI is back up and running, so I don't have to worry about that so much anymore ^^ I've been doing a lot of really nice sketches lately. I need to update my art page asap!


Last week was a bit rough for me. Going to the mall yesterday sort of remedied it, but that doesn't change the fact that I was in a bad mood for so long. It could just be because I was ovulating, or because of the moon, or some other reason entirely. I was able to do some art, though. I'll be putting that up pretty soon.


I can't help but be unhappy with my art lately. I love my sketches, but as soon as I translate them into a finished digital piece, it looks gross or something. What am I doing wrong??


The convention went great ! It ended up being a bit boring , but spending the weekend with my friends was definitely better than standing around at prom all by myself , or doing nothing for two days . My teacher entered some of my art into a contest , and I believe I got third place ! ^^


As it turns out, Ghoul is alright !! They just got grounded and didn't have a chance to tell me . Tonight, I'm going to start packing for my JCL trip . My mom has been so busy with fixing other peoples' prom dresses that she hasn't even been able to touch mine yet :( I hope she has the time to do it . She's always pushing her limits , working until midnight .


My Rockablia Dolphin shorts arrived last night !!! I got so excited to show them off that I made a twt account to share them xx my best friend Ghoul hasn't said anything to me since yesterday morning, which is really unusual . I hope they're okay . :(


Yesterday was the first time I'd washed my favorite pillow in maybe a year. Why? I can't bear to part with it. I've had it for years, and my mom is constantly asking me to throw it out, but I can't. I'm too attached. It's gotten to the point that I can't even properly sleep at night without it. I would love to buy some kind of replacement, but I've had no luck finding listings for identical ones. It's a pillow that I bought from Justice a pretty long time ago. I believe it's called the "Candy Love Microbead Pillow," from what I can remember. Anyway, it's clean now, lol.


Yesterday, I decided that I didn't want to go to prom. My school's prom is on the same day as the NCJCL (North Carolina Junior Classical League) convention. At first, I didn't think very much of it, and felt obligated to go to prom because my mom and I already have plans to make my prom dress. I learned that the convention will have a dance, and other similar events, and so I decided it would be more beneficial if I went to the convention, so I can be with my friends rather than be alone at prom. It's an overnight event, which means I'll spend a whole weekend with my classmates. I thought for sure that my mom would be cool with it, because my dad was 100% alright with it, but she got upset because she felt like she spent a lot of money on my dress for no reason. I understand where she's coming from, but it doesn't make me feel much better about it. I should have talked to her about it sooner.


I drove to school this morning, which is something I need to be doing more often if I want to get my license. I often feel really stuck, or like I have nothing to do, usually because I can't drive and have no one to drive me. It's tough. I'd be nice to have friends that could hang out with me, but none of my close friends can drive or even go out all that often. Even though I know how to drive, and I'm even pretty good at it, I still don't like driving very much... either way, it's all right. I brought cheez balls to school to share with my friends today!


my new site is coming along well !!! as much as i love the easy customization that comes with Carrd , I think I may like Neocities more . I'm gonna start trying to make longer entries, and find more things 2 say XX


Ghost announced a new cover album !! Itz called Phantomime !!! So far, they released a music video for Jesus He Knows Me . I'm excited 2 see their cover of Phantom of the Opera !


my new site iz super awesome !!! I think I like it more than my carrd!!


My Neocities site iz coming along really well !!! The poniez I ordered arrived yesterday and they're all in great condition !!! My favorite out of them is Rainbow Swirl :3


I think I wanna reformat my Carrd but that'll take a RLLY LONG TIME ... maybe I'll start learning HTML so I can do my Neocities site !!!